Jewel Cichlid

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Jewel Cichlid

Jewel Cichlid
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Many Hemichromis species are brightly coloured, though brighter body colouration is generally evident during breeding. Sexual dimorphism is limited, though male jewel cichlids are typically more brightly coloured and in some species have more pointed anal, ventral and dorsal fins. In some species, such as Hemichromis cristatus, the females can have coloring as bright as the males. Like most cichlids, jewel cichlids have highly developed brood care. Hemichromis species typically form monogamous breeding pairs and the female spawns on a flat surface such as a leaf or stone. Both parents guard the eggs, and participate in fry raising. Jewel cichlids can be attuned to community tanks. When introduced to a well established community tank, the aggressiveness of the cichlid is toned down because of the lack of space that can be occupied territorially. Beware though, the Jewel cichlid can be a nasty fin nipper if you don't keep it well fed. This comes from its instinct to feed on other fish in the wild, when food is scarcely available.

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Jewel Cichlid

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