Zebra Danios

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Zebra Danios

Zebra Danios
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Originally believed to originate from a wider range that stretched as Myanmar in the east and Pakistan in the west, it is now believed this species originates from a narrower range that is contained to parts of India and Bangladesh. Part of this change in distribution is due to identification of similar species that were once misidentified as Danio Rerio, as well as damage to the environment that has resulted in reduction of habitable areas. Fish available in the industry today are almost always captive bred. Zebras are easy and inexpensive to raise, making them prime candidates for commercial breeding. While commercial breeding has provided a large and unlimited supply of this species, it has also resulted in a fish that is less robust than the original wild caught species. Description Among the most hardy and active of aquarium fish, the Zebra Danio is easily recognized by its distinctive horizontal stripes. Blue-purple horizontal stripes run from gill to tail, setting off the slim compressed silver-gold body of this attractive fish. The small size of the Zebra Danio, no more than two and half inches, and peaceful nature, make them well suited to a community aquarium. Both sexes have two pairs of barbels and the same stripes, but females are usually larger and more full-bodied than the males. Albino/golden, veil tailed, and long finned Zebra Danio varieties are available, as well as a popular leopard variety. The leopard variety is characterized by a copious sprinkling of black spots over the entire body. In the past the Leopard Danio was considered a different species. However, genetic studies have proven that it is merely a spotted variation of Danio Rerio. All varieties thrive in schools, and they should never be kept singly. Tankmates Zebra Danios are a peaceful fish that get along with most any tank-mates, however they will nip fins of certain species of fish. Any fish with long flowing fins, such as Angelfish, Bettas, and Guppies, are potential targets of the active Zebra looking for something to do.

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Zebra Danios

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