Homemade Tropical Fish Food

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Homemade Tropical Fish Food

Homemade Tropical Fish Food
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We use the freshest ingredients including Corn, Green Beans, Chicken, Tuna, Shrimp, Carrots, and other Veggies. We formulate our food to bring a balance of nutrition and color enhancing ingredients which bring the colors out in your Tropical fish without the use of chemicals. Our food is frozen and then can be broken up into chunks. Your fish with love this food and can even be used to train your fish to eat out of your hand. By using our food in this fashion, your fish will quickly develop a relationship with their caregivers. Food has a shelf life of 16 months. No need to thaw it out before serving. Our blend of food allows for all fish to get access to food where other food types may be consumed by dominate fish. Our food stays in a chunk while smaller bits break off and sink to the bottom of your tank so that bottom feeders get their share. While larger fish eat the food from the frozen chunk, it is broken down into smaller bits which are released through the gills and float in the water so that mid swimmers can eat while other dominate fish are preoccupied. This method ensures that ALL your fish receive healthy nutrition without the need to fight for food.

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Homemade Tropical Fish Food

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