Black Ghost Knife (8")

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Black Ghost Knife (8")

Black Ghost Knife (8
Item #: BGK01

Common Name Black ghost Scientific Name Of The Species Apteronotus albifrons slovensky , franšais , deutsch Size of the fish in home aquariums (min-max): 40 - 50 cm ( 15.75" - 19.69") Water pH for Black ghost should be maintained within the range: 6 - 8 Water hardness (dGH): 4 - 12 ░N Recommended water temperature for Black ghost: 23 - 28 ░C ( 73.4 - 82.4 ░F ) Compatibility when kept in fish tanks (to it's own species): peaceful (visit this article) Compatibility (temperament to other fish species): aggressive to smaller (visit this article) Preferred place when kept in fish tanks: Bottom levels The way of breeding: Spawning Fish' origin: South America Information about care Food The Black Ghost is mostly carnivorous but may accept peas in their diet. They prefer to eat foods such as bloodworms, beef hearts, brine shrimp and krill. They are not to be trusted with fish that are small enough to fit in their mouths. Sexing There is no way to determine the sex of Black ghost just by looking at it. Breeding Little information is known about their breeding habits in the aquarium. Successful breeding is taking place in Asia and Australia but information cannot be found about what their methods are. Lifespan The Black Ghost can live for approximately 10 years or more in the aquarium if they are well cared for and their water condition needs are met. Origin Apteronotus albifrons originally comes from the Amazon Basin in South America. Short Description The Black Ghost is a very shy fish. Keep plenty of plants, some floating and some ground cover, to help this fish feel more at ease. It is a good idea to keep a short section of empty pipe in the aquarium for the Black Ghost to hide in. Apteronotus albifrons is sensitive to bright light and water conditions. The Black Ghost uses a weak electrical discharge to locate its prey. Q&A The following question was added here on March 23th 2011 due to merging with more popular related pages. Which fish are compatible with Black Ghost Fish? Answer: Black Ghost fish are usually only aggressive to their own species. If kept in a large enough tanks they should be tolerant of other species. Good companions are peaceful SA cichlids, pleco, and clown loaches. A lot of keepers put fish fatalities down to the ghost fish only to find that it was due to other causes.

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Black Ghost Knife (8")

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